Co-invest With ‘77 Invest’

“No Profit, No Fee”

About Us:

Since 2005, ‘77 Invest’ (hereinafter referred to as 77) has flipped over and developed several properties in Malta.  Also,  we successfully purchased ‘below market value’ properties and re-sold at a profit.

Business Opportunity:

You now have the opportunity to co-invest with 77 in their real estate investments.

77 puts together a group of investors to co-invest in the acquisition of a property together with 77.  77 would then strive to re-sell the property at the market value in order to generate a profit within an optimum time-frame.


77’s fee would amount to a percentage of the profit (if any).  Said fee would cover the sourcing, vetting and general administrative costs.  Therefore 77 would not charge any fee if a loss or no profit is generated.


  • Co-Invest with real estate specialists who comb the island;
  • Successful real estate track record;
  • Low Investment;
  • No profit, no fee;
  • Relatively short period, about 12 months;
  • Relatively low risk;
  • Medium to high return on one’s investment;
  • The Group’s estate agency together with its real estate network and any other estate agency/broker/middleman (including yourself) may broker the sale of the property at a pre-agreed commission.

Contact Us:

For further information, kindly do not hesitate to call Dr Carl Peralta on (00356)99447444. 

‘77 Invest’ is a trade name owned by 77 Ltd registered at 213, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta and duly represented by Dr Carl Peralta.

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